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What We Do in the Shallows

Checking out new venues during my June trip to Leavenworth paid off, and I was only home for a few days before heading back over the mountains to play at the Squirrel Tree for my first time.

With the water level dropping faster than usual this year I didn't think I'd get back on the river this trip, but I ran into a friend and got a last-minute invite to try paddle boarding on the Wenatchee. I've never done any whitewater paddle boarding before, but it seemed like a great excuse to hang out with friends and try something new on the river.

The Squirrel Tree had a brand new outdoor stage. The family friendly atmosphere made for a fun show, although later in the evening the mosquitos showed up, and they showed up hungry! Seems like I made a good impression out there, and I'll be back again at the end of November!

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