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Rockin' and Racin'

On May 5th I rolled into Antidote Tap House, another new-to-me venue, in Longview, WA. Had a good time playing, drank some great beer, and hung out with some friends.

The next day I headed a few miles up the road to Castle Rock where the Seattle Outboard Association was hosting their race at Silver Lake. I've been involved in the PNW hydroplane racing community for over a decade now, working on pit crews, as part of the rescue team, and even driving a couple of times! Lately my gig schedule has drastically reduced the number of races I get to attend, but somehow it seems like I manage to make it to the Castle Rock race every year.

I spend the weekend in my usual spot, out on the rescue boat (best place to watch the races from, worst way to watch a race!). There were some great heats of racing, and only a couple of drivers ended up in the water. All in all, good time spent with the boat racing family.

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