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Swapping Songs in Seattle

Tuesday, May 2nd had me at my second "songwriters in the round" type of show. This time it was at the Blue Moon in north Seattle. I hadn't done any of this style performance before this past March, and doing more of them has been a goal for this year. With multiple artists on stage playing their songs in a rotation I've found it challenging to get into a rhythm with my playing and singing, having the longer wait between songs. Being on stage with some of the great songwriters we have in the area kicks of a bit of imposter syndrome, too.

In spite of these challenges (or maybe partially because of them) I had fun swapping songs with James Coates and Chris Poage.. I was blown away by the quality songwriting from both of them! Afterwards K.O. , Emily McVicker, and Katrina Kope put on an absolute clinic featuring a range of instruments, live looping, and improvisation. Unfortunately I didn't get any video from the night.

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